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I am not a politician, I do not and will not join organizations during election time just to get votes, that is not who I am. I will happily meet with any organization to discuss issues, concerns or suggestions related to the Sheriff’s Office. I will also gladly attend events or special occasions upon invite. If elected Sheriff I want the citizens of Camden County to know my door will always be open. Come see me at the Sheriff’s Office or feel free to approach me when I’m out and about in your neighborhood. It is my goal to develop the department's forensic unit software & hardware to better assist in solving cases. The only promises I will make is to be a working Sheriff and to start working on the issues listed in my platform below. There's a lot of work ahead but I will start with the following:

Human Trafficking & Child Exploitation:

As an investigator at the lake, I have seen the rise in child exploitation and human trafficking.  If elected Sheriff I will make sure all the deputies along with administration are trained and up to date on this growing issue. We have a great team here at the lake built up of local Law Enforcement, Lake Regional Nurses, Prosecuting Attorneys, Kids Harbor staff, Citizens Against Domestic Violence and Children’s Division personnel that meet every month. I will continue to be at every meeting as I have been.

Crisis Intervention Team (CIT):

I will make sure that 100 percent of my deputies and correction Officers will be CIT certified. It is important that Deputies and Correction Officers are educated on how to identify developmental disabilities and mental health illnesses. Treatment is how everything gets fixed, but to get the treatment you have to know how to identify the symptoms. People with developmental disabilities and/or mental health illness need treatment and not jail.


When it comes to the budget I will cut frivolous spending on items that are not needed. I will utilize all the grants & resources available before making the county pay for training or equipment. The team I will put into place have experience in areas ranging from small business to the county budget. I will be present with my team and involved in all the budget meetings. I promise to work on the CCSO employee's pay scale and to keep the public informed of the process. There is no reason a deputy of fifteen years should be making the same wage as a brand new deputy on his first day. There’s a lot that goes into this and I would gladly speak with individuals that have questions. The details involved in the budget plan are lengthy so I won't get into that here but I will gladly explain my plan to anyone that wishes to talk about it.

Increase Policing/Patrol:

I will always make sure that the county is not running short on patrol deputies. As an able body, I will be out there doing the job with my deputies. It is my responsibility to ensure we have coverage. I will not allow two patrol deputies to cover the entire county, this has been a repeated issue over the past few years. If elected sheriff my time will not just be spent in the office but also in the neighborhoods & communities of Camden County.

I believe in setting a high standard for myself to always be professional, ethical, and moral. I have worked hard to build a positive relationship with agency employees and the community through servant leadership.


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